About Us

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Universal Marine Supplies is part of a group of companies based in Piraeus servicing the shipping market. Since our establishment in 1987 we have supplied thousands of parts to loyal customers. We offer a range of expert service which include spare parts supplying, forwarding, repairing and technical advice. Committed to maintain its position as a service & quality - conscious company, Universal Marine Supplies Ltd. offers a service and quality level which is among the highest in the market segments. To achieve these goals Universal Marine Supplies Ltd. will maintain a Quality system according to ISO 9002:1994 that is constantly followed up and developed according to the requirements of the day. The Quality System of Universal Marine Supplies Ltd. comprises both prevention and control to an extent that aims at the greatest profitability and achievement of the required level of service quality. Also, through the Quality System, our company wishes to ensure that customer expectations and needs are met, which means:

  • Uniformity of the services supplied
  • An efficient service system in which the time, price and Quality of Services are based upon the need of the customer and the capabilities of Universal Marine Supplies Ltd.
  • Maintenance of a system by means of which quality deviations and the consequences of other unexpected occurrences may quickly and effectively be established and properly rectified.
  • Fulfillment of specified requirements, technical data sheets, specifications, price lists, brochures, etc.
  • Adherence to International laws and regulations.