Founded in 1987 in Piraeus Greece, Universal Marine Supplies Ltd, has been serving the maritime industry with spare parts and logistic services across Europe, Asia and the US.

Operating for over 30 years, we have developed worldwide relationships with manufacturers known for their cutting-edge technologies, innovative products and eco-friendly solutions. UMS provide a wide range of services, encompassing shipbuilding products, spare parts, equipment repairs, technical advice and forwarding. Operating trading houses in key locations across the globe has allowed us to penetrate different markets, build a credible profile amongst makers and subcontractors and establish strong relationships with high-profile shipping companies.

Since our establishment we've expanded our operations with offices in Kawasaki, Japan and London, United Kingdom.

Universal Marine Supplies Ltd maintain a Quality System according to ISO 9002:1994 that is constantly followed up and developed according to the requirements of the day. Through the Quality System we ensure that customer expectations and needs are met, which means: 

  • Uniformity of the services supplied
  • An efficient service system in which the time, price and quality of services are based upon the need of the customer 
  • Maintenance of a system by means of which quality deviations and the consequences of other unexpected occurrences may quickly and effectively be established and properly rectified
  • Adherence to international laws and regulations.